Roti Pola#

Small attenuverting CV mixer


Roti Pola is a four channel attenuverting CV mixer and offset with visual feedback in a small package. With nothing patched to Channel 1, a 5 V offset is applied to the mix, useful for controlling other parameters or modifying CV signals.

  • Type: Attenuverter/Mixer
  • Size: 4HP Eurorack
  • Depth: 0.8 inch
  • Power: 2x5 Eurorack
  • +12 V: 58 mA
  • -12 V: 40 mA


Roti -- from Latin: "spinny/whirly"

Pola -- from Latin: "tiny"

"Tiny Whirlification"

Input & output voltages#

Roti Pola is rated for voltages between ±10 V.


illustration of Roti Pola's interface

Channel knobs 1-4
Attenuverters; with nothing patched into its input, Channel 1 is normaled to a 5 V offset. Corresponding channel LEDs show the signal post attenuversion being sent to the mixer. Green indicates a positive signal, red indicates a negative signal.
Inputs 1-4
Input your CV here for mixing and attenuverting.
Final mix output. LED shows outgoing CV, with green indicating a positive signal and red indicating a negative signal.

Patch tutorial#

Patch an LFO into Channel 2. Patch the output to a CV input in your system. Use Channel 2's attenuverter to modify the signal, and observe the LED feedback given by Channel 2's indicator and the mix out LED. Next, play with Channel 1's attenuator to add an offset and see how your LFO signal is modified. Patch more CV sources into channels 3 and 4 to create more interesting and chaotic modulation.

Design notes#

A while back, our friend Baseck called us up and said, "Guys! You have to come see this!" He had patched up this incredible bit with the Cursus Iteritas and a load of other stuff -- and it became clear that we needed, among other things, a CV mixer. We brainstormed the schematics for things to fit into a setup similar to what he was doing, but with our own character. The first version of Roti Pola one was workable but once we had it in hand, we realized adding the 5 V supply to channel 1 would make it so much more useful. The desire for that add-on led us to a revision that allowed us to fix a few wacky layout issues on the first one and we had a product.

Special thanks#

  • Baseck