Xerest Pola#

Lunchbox mixer


Xerest Pola is a three-channel mixer ideal for small, on-the-go cases. It features per-channel and master volumes and mutes, a headphone out, and stereo audio out.

  • Type: Audio Mixer
  • Size: 6HP Eurorack
  • Depth: 0.8 inch
  • Power: 2x5 Eurorack
  • +12 V: 50 mA
  • -12 V: 10 mA


Illustration of Xerest Pola's interface

Input 1-3
Audio inputs
Mute 1-3
Mutes individual channels
Master mute
Mutes all channels simultaneously.
Volume knobs
Volume control for each individual channel (1-3) and the master volume.
AC-coupled, line-level, stereo audio output
Headphone jack

Patch tutorial#

Patch an audio source into at least one channel on Xerest Pola. Plug headphones into the HP jack. Toggle the Mute switch(es) to turn individual channels on or off. Toggle the Master mute switch to turn all sound off. Adjust volume of each channel and master independently.

Loudness control#

The Loud switch on the back panel acts as a 12 dB attenuator in the low position. If a louder output is required, gently push the switch to the up position (toward the arrow).

Photo of the back of the module

Special thanks#

  • Shawn Jimmerson
  • Skyler "kittyspit" King
  • William Mathewson
  • Mickey Bakas
  • Tyler Thompson
  • Alex Anderson