Seca Ruina#

Multiband distortion drive


Distortion is fun, but it's even better when you split it up across the frequency spectrum. Seca Ruina takes an input, splits it up into three frequency bands, and lets you drive them into annihilation. Seca Ruina includes a bypassable VCA on the output and CV over individual band and universal drive amount. With individual outputs for each band, you can process each band further externally. So much potential in only 6HP!

  • Type: Multiband distortion/VCA
  • Size: 6HP Eurorack
  • Depth: 0.8 inch
  • Power: 2x5 Eurorack
  • +12 V:85 mA
  • -12 V: 80 mA


Seca -- from Latin secare: "to cut"

Ruina -- from Latin: "destruction"

"Cut and destroy"


Power connector

To power your Noise Engineering module, turn off your case. Plug one end of your ribbon cable into your power board so that the red stripe on the ribbon cable is aligned to the side that says -12 V and each pin on the power header is plugged into the connector on the ribbon. Make sure no pins are overhanging the connector! If they are, unplug it and realign.

Line up the red stripe on the ribbon cable so that it matches the white stripe and/or -12 V indication on the board and plug in the connector.

Screw your module into your case before powering on the module. You risk bumping the module's PCB against something metallic and damaging it if it's not properly secured when powered on.

You should be good to go if you followed these instructions. Now go make some noise!

A final note. Some modules have other headers -- they may have a different number of pins or may say "not power". In general, unless a manual tells you otherwise, do not connect those to power.


illustration of Seca Ruina's interface

High/Mid/Low knobs
Drive amount for each band. Knob acts as an offset for CV.
High/Mid/Low inputs
CV input controlling drive amount for each band.
CV over High, Mid, and Low drive amount simultaneously.
High/Mid/Low outs
Individual outputs of each band.
Audio input.
Sum (Σ) out
Sum of all three outputs.

Patch tutorial#

Patch 1
Input a simple waveform to the audio In. Connect the Sum out to your mixer and tweak the knobs to hear how Seca Ruina can make even simple sounds exciting.
Patch 2
Input a more complex sound like a drum loop or melody line and tweak the drive amounts to completely badassify your input!
Patch 3
Patch a free-running oscillator like Loquelic Iteritas to the audio In. Set the drive amounts to taste, then patch an envelope to the Sum CV input. This makes Seca Ruina into a VCA and creates a complete voice.

Input voltages#

All CV inputs on Seca Ruina use a range of 0 V to 5 V.

Design notes#

Seca Ruina was one of the early distortion module ideas we had in the distortion-of-the-month plan. It was initially a 4HP module and had no CV. We pretty rarely want to make a module larger unless we really think it increases the value and utility of the module a lot. But we got the first prototype in hand and realized that in this case, CV was key to the module. We revised and added the CV jacks, adding 2HP to the footprint.

The next version still didn't perform perfectly so there was a little more circuit tweaking -- it took a few clever workarounds but once we had it, we were happy. That turned into the module you hold today and became the basis for some future modules we have planned.


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